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RJ Connect was formed to act as a "one-stop" automation house.
We provide the industry with leading edge technology, communications and data storage as well as quality service and support.

Latest news

Build a Smarter Future

The modern production line monitoring system facilitates the need of remote monitoring that allows supervisors to see what  is happening on a factory floor whether the lines are running slowly or stopped.



The easy way to convert modbus RTU to modbus TCP

In industrial applications, the most common protocol conversion is Modbus-RTU-to-Modbus-TCP conversion, and it is usually required when legacy devices such as meters, mostly using Modbus RTU, need to be integrated with SCADA systems, mostly using Modbus TCP.

2018 10 02 easy as 1 2 3 modbus gateways

Meet our cloud-ready IIOT edge gateways

Moxa’s IIoT Edge Gateway family consists of cloud-ready edge computers that are optimized for Industrial IoT applications in solar, wind power, water & wastewater, and oil & gas sectors. 



Media Converters for every combination

With the trend to realize the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) through converged networks, the demand for media converters to convert and extend networks has also increased significantly. 




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